Tuesday, November 9, 2010


the sky is sullen today
the woods are quite dark
the fields take a different hue
even flowers fail to cheer
bright swords flash in the clouds
rain beats hard on the windshield
the way ahead is wrapped in mist
where has yesterday’s sun gone?

the clouds are lifting now
a patch of blue sky shows
the brooding trees raise up their heads
the sun will shine again.


Gauri Gharpure said...

i like the gradual change of mood this poem goes through. gloom, then hope.. "where has yesterday's sun gone" (this line is a poem in itself!) and then ending with sunshine in the last line..nice:)

mesjay said...

@Gauri, thank you for the comment that comes from a poet's mind.

illusionaire said...

I can actually feel the weather change around me as I read this. In a color spectrum, I would chart out your poem from a combination of #7c7c58 and #676262 and slowly moving towards #f2f291 and #15d8ef in the end. :)

mesjay said...

@Illusionaire, i don't understand this language at all! Is a compliment or a criticism? :)

Maisek said...

I believe weather could be a wonderful metaphor for our life! Sometimes we pass through good times and sometimes bad times! The best we can do is to offer our lives to the almighty!

mesjay said...

@Maisek, i agree with you hundred percent. :)

Mi said...

I really love your poems,they are unassuming.I can 'feel' those rather dark woods and yet, the sense of not being able to end the lines with hopelessness.Gosh this is what i love about your poems, i can feel them!

mesjay said...

@ Mi, thank you so much. Hope you keep reading my poems, that makes me so happy. :)

david_hatton said...

Loved the blog, it is beautifully written. I'm a regular reader. im quite the writer myself so i love your blogs

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mesjay said...

David, thanks a lot, that's very reassuring. I'll visit your blog just now.