Thursday, October 14, 2010

lost songs

In the buzz and din of daily existence
I have lost my music, I have lost my song;
In the rush and crush of scurrying crowding
They have gone and stolen away.

Gone is the dawn’s whispered melody,
Piano of morning, noonday’s violin,
Afternoon’s soothing tune on the flute,
Twilight’s tinkling bells.

Gone is the choir of evening
Cricket singing soprano;
Late night’s sound of silence
Is mute, muffled by city noise.

With all those voices grown dumb
I have lost my music, I have lost my song.


illusionaire said...

Beautiful and sad, and very touching... I can relate a lot.

Hope you find your song again.

We all lose our song sometimes - we just have to know where to find it.

(I find mine again usually next to the rum bottle. :D )

Gauri Gharpure said...

'Cricket singing soprano' liked this a lot..

Anonymous said...

So beautifully expressed. Till I read this, I didn't realize that I too have been slowly losing my songs (that's what great writing does - make you realize that you too have those same feelings but never realized you had them till they are pointed out to you). Though I find some of my lost songs, sometimes, near the 'Suntory', like Illusionaire ;)

mesjay said...

@Ruolngulworld, realization is better than non, isn't it - though it's realizing one's loss. Good you're able to find it back, whatever way :)

@Gauri, thanks. Nothing like a full choir with all the parts for music, to me.

@Illusionaire, thanks, let's hope so. Rum bottle doesn't do me any good, though :)

Maisek said...

Lovely poem! Hope you find your song and your music again! Don't lose this beautiful poem, though!

Zaia said...

Ka hrethiam ve chiah lo na a,

'Gone is the choir of evening
Cricket singing soprano;
Late night’s sound of silence
Is mute..' tih vel atang hi chuan ka awmnaah hian ka hlep hle che niin ka inhria. Zinga sava hram ri te, arpa khuang te, naupang tualchai rite, tlai lama sava bu lawi tur rite pawh ka hre thei asin! Awhfik... lolzz

I hloh hi kan tan hlepna niin a lang. :P

mesjay said...

@Maisek, thanks for the visit. To find my lost music, maybe i must go back to the hills.

@Zaia, ni e, min hlep chiang a nih chu. Hetah chuan khawl chitin chitang rik nuaih nuaih ani ringawt. Zan reh pawh awm thei si lo.