Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Terrorism by militants, political or religious extremists, communalists, government forces... is growing and growing. Why is there no sight of an end? Because violence begets violence. And more violence. It keeps multiplying.

We were in Assam till the first half of 2004. The deeds of those who called themselves ‘liberators’ of the people were horrendous. The retaliation by government agencies was the same. The worst sufferers were mostly innocent people caught in between.

Here are some protest verses i wrote back in those days.


Full of life and fun
the little boy
just turned seven
looked forward to future
to do grown up things—
ride a bike, fly a plane,
bring mummy and daddy presents.

A loud burst
the spirited chatter
for ever.
a bloody mess
and deep pain

Republic day 04

i’d love to celebrate;
fly the flag,
sing and dance;
but i’m scared.

scared of those who
silence songs with

sound of bomb is
louder than

but louder still are
cries of orphans and
ravaged women.

what price liberation?


our homes are drowned in
flood of blood
and tears.

they come from jungles,
loot, shoot,
commit carnage.

then come bigger guns
from cities;
more carnage,
more cries.

those on higher grounds
watch it all in a

they cluck or chuckle
while our homes are drowned in
flood of blood
and tears.

Sorry to offend your tastes and sensibilities with this ‘bloody’ stuff. But reality needs to be shown, however unpleasant.