Sunday, June 20, 2010

trip pics

One thing that hit me about Canada is the houses, quiet clean green streets and spaces. In that sense it feels like the land of dreams.

Here’s our sister’s house we stayed in in Waterloo.

We are now staying in this house of our brother in Windsor:

This is the street and house just across:

It’s so good going for walks in places like these:

Niagara Falls was overwhelming.

We had to wear raincoats for going in a boat under the falls.

One day we went to Farmers’ Market.

We watched a cattle auction. I was horrified to think that this was how they may have auctioned human slaves in olden days, though not in Canada.

And bought a tiny musical instrument from this Native American.

In the afternoon we went on Lake Ontario in a relative’s boat like one of these on the right corner:

We towed this little machine (skidoo) along:

We took turns to pillion ride on it, with Ron driving. My turn came too.

It was huge fun.

The other day a friendly neighbor invited me to drop in. Her friends came visiting too.

And so on. But it’s getting too long, more later.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

canada arrival

at last i set foot
on this land
dreamt of in childhood
uncle tom’s cabin days.

a brother’s bounty
bright summer sunshine
pansies at sister’s door
welcome us to waterloo.

a treat of quiet streets
brick and timber houses
blue spruces in backyard
salmon barbecued on cedar wood

and aah, treat of treats—
niagara falls!