Thursday, June 3, 2010

canada arrival

at last i set foot
on this land
dreamt of in childhood
uncle tom’s cabin days.

a brother’s bounty
bright summer sunshine
pansies at sister’s door
welcome us to waterloo.

a treat of quiet streets
brick and timber houses
blue spruces in backyard
salmon barbecued on cedar wood

and aah, treat of treats—
niagara falls!


Sekibuhchhuak said...

Nice. Canada-ah i awm mek ami?:-)

aduhi said...

I bet the weather's lovely out there and I'm soooo jealous. Not to mention the beautiful sights. Put up some pics, will you?

Calliopia said...

U Hriat, it sounds totally blissful!

mesjay said...

@Seki, aw, kan zin ve teh mial a.

@Aduh, it feels great to escape the intemperate heat of Mumbai.

@Calliopia, it's all so blissful i think it could get boring after a while.

illusionaire said...

I can visualize the Niagara falls from your poem. Beautiful :)

But err... Uncle Tom's cabin and Waterloo? The picture association I've always had with Uncle Tom's cabin is Alabama, Texas, Mississippi river, etc you know, during the Slavery days of America. And the only Waterloo I know is in Europe... :(

mesjay said...

@illusionaire, remember the black slaves used to escape from usa to canada, because canada did not have slavery? i think the river where that woman with a little child hopped on ice to escape must be the river detroit on the border between the two countries. it's so long ago, must re-read the novel after getting back.

niagara falls is really something, you must go there from the canada side when you visit these countries.

sawmpuia said...

Ice hockey ka rilru-ah zuk lang daih a..nikhualoh theih..Hman a kan naupanlai kha chuan Pu Khawnghinga te hi an awm thin tih chiah ka hria..e Pi zapi pawh a awm thin e...canada rimnam ka hriat ve chhun.. Ka lawm e :-)

mesjay said...

Sawmpui, ice hockey hi an sawi fova, ka la en ve lo tlats. A hmuhnawm ngawt ang.

Jerusha said...

I'm green! The 'salmon barbecued on cedar wood' sounds yummmmmy! I hope we see pics soon.

mesjay said...

@Jerusha, how dare you be green, you globe-trotting girl? It's very rare for me to leave Indian shores. And yes, the barbecued salmon was yummmm!Suffering from overeating these days.

luliana said...

Engtin nge hetiang hi in ngaihtuah zung zung theih bik a? :)

mesjay said...

Lulian, i va reh rei cher2 ve. Ka rawn leng dawn thin a i muhil daih sia.