Friday, May 14, 2010

Eagle and Sparrow

Eagle said to her sparrow friend
"Come on, let's fly;
Fly and soar, up on high‚
Beyond the hills, beyond the sea,
Let's see what's there to see.”

Sparrow replied
"Farewell, my friend
Fly up high
To the sky.
How can I
Sparrow with broken wing
Keep up with you?"

“Don’t worry, my little friend,
I’ll carry you on my back.
Tuck yourself in my feathers
And hold fast.
So together we will fly
On my wings.”


ku2 said...

sweet! and yet, worrier that I am, I cant help thinking of the day when they'd both think sparrow is slowing eagle down. and then again i remember that line in a movie i once saw: "when should incompatible lovers give up?" the answer:"Never".

sawmpuia said...

Ka hrethiam ve tlat! :-) Thlawhve theih ka van chak ve.. kan khawlum lutuk hi thlawhkanin kan inah han tum ila... Rizai te an sin bik..helamah zawng... ABBA hla te pawh kha min hriat tir e..

Calliopia said...

Lovely, another classic Mesjay piece. Simple, sweet and yet with layers of meaning and interpretation.

Varte said...

short and clear, i love it...

What does little birdie says tihte aiin a nep chuang lo.

Te-a Colney said...

I tawk sap thei lutuka, keini zopa, zozem dik tak chuan comment ngaihna pawh kan hre ve hleinem. Hetiang i chin zel dawn chuan i Bloh hming hi thlak daih rawh. Zozem-ah sapzem i thun daih.
Tak taka, kan iak ve mai mai a nia, thutakah la duh chuang suh.

Jerusha said...

Nalh lutuk! For some reason it reminded me of that 'Like two sparrows' song and now I have to go listen to the song or I'll die :P

And Zozem mawlh mawlh rawh. Sap tawng intih thiam loh vel hi Mizo nihna tizual tu emaw ti hi an ninawm.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Mawi thei thin ngei mai hotunu!

mesjay said...

@kuku, eagles and sparrows do last together if there's true commitment, don't they?

@ sawmpui, khawlum thlawh san maw? nakin deuhvah khawlum a a la thlawk liam ve leh mai ang.

@Calliopia, your appreciation is highly valued.

@Varte, i lo leng a a lawmawm. thanks for the comment.

@Te-a, i lo leng a ka lawm. Sap tawng hman vang maiin a Mizo lo chuang nang, Zonu lungril atanga chhuak vek alawm.

@Jerusha, thanks and thanks.

@Seki, i ti lawmawm, min chawk phur thiam.

Insightfulbystander said...

I didnt understnad!

mesjay said...

Insightfulbystander, what didn't you understand? Hope you find your own interpretation.