Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year to you all!

Whew! The last few months have been quite crazy. Work, housework, and trying to finish the first draft of a small book. It’s a spiritual biography of a guy from Rajasthan. Done at last! I can get some sleep now, yipee! Couldn’t celebrate Christmas or New Year, i was working away like a clock. Even forgot our wedding anniversary! The children remembered, thankfully. Wonder how people manage to write huge books, when a little one takes so much effort.

And then hubby had to have angioplasty. There were two blocks in his heart. He’s okay now, though he has to take heaps of medicines and we have to watch his diet. It was such comfort having caring friends and family rally round. Can’t imagine how we’d have managed without. They were God’s angels sent to help us.

Our book My Mother, My Strength, published by Rupa, was released in Hyderabad in December. (I couldn’t go). It’s a collection of women writers from different parts of India writing about their mothers. They invited me to contribute as a Mizo writer. Do pick it up if you happen to see it.

By the way, are computer viruses multiplied ten thousand times these days? Our office has been blighted for a couple of months. Our triband connection kept conking out too. Then hubby’s laptop got very sick. It had 400 viruses.

What about New Year resolutions? I haven’t made any, am still working on last year’s.

Hope you all have a cheery, blogy, virus free year.