Monday, February 25, 2008


when dream dies

when dream dies
it's hard not to cry.

so shed tears,
grieve a while,
then bury the dead
out of sight.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Indian Shore
(With apology to Arnold's 'Dover Beach')

The sea is calm tonight,
But on the land
Lies restless fear,
And on the streets
Stalk evil and dark deeds —
Lying, cheating, stealing, robbing,
Stabbing, shooting, grenade-lobbing.
The sea of faith
Was once a soothing balm,
But now the so-called 'faith'
Only brings contention, superstition,
Fanaticism, and terrorism.

Are the leaders' hearts
Made of lead and stone?
In their power game
They scatter rage and hate
With not a thought for the people's fate.

Ah, Love, let us not grow
Too close together,
Lest we care for one another
And feel bad to exploit each other.
For what is life, unless
One can further one's ambition, and climb
Up and up the success ladder
By standing on another's shoulder?
What is love worth?
After all, what matter most
Are power and wealth.
What if one's soul be lost?

Sunday, February 3, 2008


in search of images

what image can i draw
for this pain,
this despair?

what image for
lost possibilities,

what image for
regrets with
no consolation,
no second chance?

what image can express
the emptiness,
the silence?