Monday, February 25, 2008


when dream dies

when dream dies
it's hard not to cry.

so shed tears,
grieve a while,
then bury the dead
out of sight.


Joseph said...

nice post :-)

ka blog ah ka link che a, a pawi em lovang chu maw :D

DayDreamBeliever said...

another great poem, thanks for giving it to us, mesjay! SO many of my dreams have died, but life goes on, and surprisingly enough, I now have a whole new set of dreams to replace the ones that were lost. And the kind of dreams you have say so much about the person you are!

mesjay said...

Joseph, pawi teh love, ka lawm zawk.

mesjay said...

yes, daydreambeliever.dreams die and we're forced to bury them. but sometimes the pain they leave behind is nearly unbearable. but the like you said, its good when they can be replaced with new, may be better, ones.

Calliopia said...

When I look back, some of my old dreams make me laugh. They were so impossibly far-fetched. But some died so painfully it still hurts even thinking of them..

mesjay said...

but we need dreams for living meaningful lives, calliopia. i remember a line from one of louis lamour's (is this spelling right?) western novels that goes something like 'without a dream, a man or a woman is nothing. with them, they can be almost anything.' so let's keep dreaming!