Friday, July 29, 2011


chicago, i am drunk
on your sun
green rolling slopes
daisies spread out in
wild abandon
blue blue lake.

long ago here
fiery preacher
sought to save
from inferno
many dead
in awful fire
lost wealth and home
built lives.

and chicago, i am drunk
on your sun.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello, Mumbai!

Mumbai, you did not mother me
nor were we neighbours ever.
Coming to live with you
wasn’t my choice either.
When i arrived you didn’t welcome
insignificant me
though the reception, i like to think
was not hostile.

You are a grand but not uppity lady
expansive in an impersonal way.
Some call you ‘soulless’
but that isn’t fair;
it’s just that you’re too busy,
too overworked to be

Though you aren’t my dream city
I like you fairly well,
we may not become best friends
but we’ll get along just fine.
So hello Mumbai, pleased to meet you,
hope you feel the same!