Thursday, November 18, 2010


it falls with morning dew
it drops like feathers shed
and sails as silent as the moon.

it whispers in the breeze
it whistles in the wind,
may blow and roar with thunderous storm.

sometimes i sing
of flowers around my feet;
at times the muse may roam
on fields beyond the farthest stars
to pearly gates and golden streets.

i love to dance to merry tunes,
to hop and frolic on downy green grass,
but stone weight in the heart
iron shackles on the feet
may drag me down.

my music softly sighs
or groans with anguished soul,
may plumb the depth of darkness
or view a rainbow in the sky.

the canvas may be small
portraying a ladybird,
or seek to paint the universe
with myriad colours, bold strokes.

in school of poetry learners can explore
the backyard, mountains, oceans, outer space and more.


aduhi said...

a beautiful poem about poetry by a wonderful poet!

mesjay said...

Hey, Aduh! You're making me blush.

Maisek said...

Poetry often tells us something noteworthy about reality which is familiar to all of us, but which is perceived by the poet from a unique point of view! I consider you a fantastic poet because you seem to comprehend reality from a different perspective!

Gauri Gharpure said...

i like..

mesjay said...

@Maisek, you've made my day with this comment! :)

@Gauri, thanks...

DayDreamBeliever said...

simple and profound... as always. Clap clap!

mesjay said...

@DayDreamBeliever, Bow, thank you.

sophia smith said...

Wow..Its really awesome poem..The meaning of each sentence is so beautiful..I like it..I would like to read more such poem from you..Please keep posting..

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