Thursday, January 26, 2012

My window

faces west,
frames a patch of sky
grotesque buildings
a few trees.

Some years ago
the scene included
hills beyond;
but the monster structures
swallowed them;
gorging, ever growing
they’re devouring the trees
nibbling at the sky.

The sky at times looks
dreary gray
or ominous dark,
at times deep azure
where one’s spirit may soar.
And sometimes set ablaze
at sunset, flares up
into glorious multi-coloured flame.

What your window shows
i know not,
but dearly hope
you see a span of sky
and way beyond.


lr hlonchhing said...

Nice job... Keep it up.

TS Khupchong said...

Mesjay, ka word hriat loh a awm nual nia. :-) Tlem tlem chu ka hrethiam a, a tha ka ti khawp mai. ;-)

H.Vangchhia said...

A ngaihnawm e.

TS, hriatthiam loh chu tunlai dictionary, Google search hman hmiah mai tur :)

daniel said...

I am thankful for my window scene of Reiek Tlang, and the beautiful sunsets. Nice poem.

Aduhi Chawngthu said...

I think it nicely describes the ever growing concrete jungle and nature being swallowed up by human developments. I have seen with my own eyes how the city changes over the last five years, monstrous building rising up in places which was once an open space, flyovers being built and blocking everyone's view etc.

From my office window I can look out and see the horizon, but it's only a matter of time before my view gets blocked by some new building coming up.

Zaia said...

Ni ngawt mai. Hman a kan inrallemchanna thin hmunah te khan In a ding khir ta en un a, lung a tileng lo zo vek tawh.

mesjay said...

Ir, thanks.

TS, chuti em ni? Ka lawm e.

Vangchhia, thanks.

Daniel, lucky guy! Sunset view, wow! Thanks for the visit.

Aduh, the sad side effects of developmen, i suppose.

Zaia, in kan mamawh bawk si a le. Mahse hliah khat vek lo deuh hian a sak thei hmel ka tia.

caribou said...

Saptawnga han comment ka tum ngial a, ka fail thak nia. Keini chu, kan room tukverh atangin thenawmte bang chiah a lang thei.

mesjay said...

Caribou, i luck lo ve tho anih chu! Thenkhat chuan ram mawi deuh te, Mizoramah phei chuan tlang lang reih te an tukverhin a hawi thin, ka awt ve khawp.

Jerusha said...

Eng vang ber nge pawh ka hre lo, ka chhiar a, Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey ka rilru ah a rawn lang zuai zuai mai. I ziak nalh lutuk ka chak ve ngawt mai poetry nalh deuh deuh a ziah thiam hi

mesjay said...

Jerusha, Tintern Abbey, ti lunglen thlak e. Poetry ziah i chak phawt chuan ziak tawp rawh, a tha ngei2 ang.

Muantea said...

Engan kian zai rel lovin
Tlangpui iang i din reng le?
Sir sawn zai rel teh
ka D thlirna i dal rei lua e

Han tih ve mai pawh a chakawm e:0

mesjay said...

Muante, i rawn thawh nalh ngei mai.