Thursday, December 1, 2011

At last!

(Being a little bookish)

For the last few months, i’ve been trying to work at a small book. ‘Trying to work’ is a deliberate choice of words here. There were days i sat for hours at the comp but came out with no more than a few lines. And oodles of distraction cropped up once the project was on.
Some travels, not out of choice though pleasant, had to be done. They took nearly two months’ time off writing when added together. And then came a lot of writing work at the job on subjects totally alien to me, which meant a good deal of time spent on research. Besides, daily chores like cooking, laundry, et al still had to be done. Enjoyable activities, but they delayed my book project and i was left frantic with the deadline for the ms looming. Left and right, i requested friends for prayer.
So it’s done now, and i can attend to my blog again and maybe soon visit others’ blogs to catch up. The book, by the way, is a retelling of the life history of Christ portrayed in the Gospels, in the Narrative Non-Fiction genre. It’s chiefly meant for people who haven’t been too keen on reading the Bible. Of course, the others can read it too. GLS is going to publish it, hopefully before Christmas .
In the last week of September, a book of poems titled Roots And Wings, An Anthology of Indian Women Writing in English, was released in Trivandrum. It contains the works of 42 poets from all over the country, and some abroad. The oldest contributor was born in 1929, the youngest in 1987. 10 of my poems are included, but i couldn’t attend the function though we were in Kerala the week before.
And this Christmas, i’m planning to be in Mizoram, Aizawl or elsewhere, not yet decided. Wonder if some bloggers will be there to meet!


Calliopia said...

Welcome back, so that's why you've been MIA so long on the blogging scene. Roots and Wings sounds interesting. Which publishing house is it with? Do hope we get to meet up at Christmas though it's always such a busy time for everyone.

mesjay said...

@Calliopia, the publishing house is also called 'Roots and Wings.' Seems it's a group of literature enthusiasts who aren't quite going commercial - no royalty for the contributing poets.

TS Khupchong said...

E.. Lo haw tak teh. Kan inhmu hlawm thâm thâm ang chu le..! Mizo bloggers meet neih a châkawm alawm. :-)

mesjay said...

@ TS, Christmas lai in buai hmel bawk sia, engtinnge maw ni dawn le? Inhmuhkhawm chu a chakawm khawp mai.