Sunday, August 9, 2009

co commuter

every work-day morning
she’s there
in the eight thirty three local
ladies’ first class compartment

sometimes we sit side by side
chugging along together
but our lives never touch—
not even by a glance
or a flicker of a smile

she slumps down on a seat
eyes closed
wakes up just as we pull in
at dahisar station

we get down together
cross the subway
then she turns right
and i turn left
never acknowledging
each other’s existence.

what else?
this is mumbai yaar.


Gauri Gharpure said...

captures the aloofness pretty well.. somehow a wee bit sad

mesjay said...

@Gauri, perhaps it's due to the endless crowding or tiredness that ppl act aloof in general. A bit sad, yes, but may be it suits us all.

mnowluck said...

Hehe.. and yeah.. that's mumbai life. What I really found funny here in Mumbai is - - Its nearly 2 years since I stayed here in this society .. and I haven't had the chance to speak nor smile to my neighbours.. nor do I knew how many people stayed on the 6th floor . :D

mesjay said...

@Mnowluck, same here. In two years of staying in Mumbai we got to meet our immediate neighbours--up, down and across by determined trying. And those living across on the same floor, we meet at the lift once in a while, may be twice or thrice a year.

feddabonn said...

it is odd. and sad.

mesjay said...

@feddabonn, it's the spirit of mumbai!

Mimihrahsel said...

umm.. I don't think this happens only in Mumbai. Happens every where I guess, esp IF we look different from the natural habitants

mesjay said...

@Mimi, may be this is spreading due to the busy-ness most ppl suffer from. But i did find Bangalore quite different. In Mumbai, everyone seems to do it to everyone else, with no regards to looks.