Sunday, May 17, 2009

life journey

our life’s journey
is a forward move
never we retrace our steps
never we visit
the same place twice.

though the path may wind
even to loops
within view of where we’ve been
we don’t set foot again
where we did before.

we move on, move on
not pausing, not relenting,


Calliopia said...

It's sad, isn't it, never being able to ever go back in time. To be with certain people ever again. In certain places in certain situations. The second verse is so sad but so true. Sometimes life goes a circle and takes us back to a certain point in time but nothing is ever quite the same. But I guess it's good that we don't have to rehash bad experiences all over again.

mesjay said...

Calliopia, the fact that we can't go back there should teach us to value every moment too, i think, though that's hard to remember. And like you said, bad experiences too go away and become part of the past.

luliana said...

This is good...really made me think :)

mesjay said...

Lulian, thanks. And thanks for dropping in after long time.

Jerusha said...

mes - I sometimes love the word 'relentless' but most times I hate it. Like now for example. Mes, I really love your little poems! Write more :)

mesjay said...

Jerusha, i hate the word, actually. but i had to use it here because it says what i want to say. thanks for the comment on my poems. btw, you look like an actress in the new pic.<>

illusionaire said...

How true indeed, Pi Malsawm. I must admit the tone is a little bit cynical, but at the same time that is what reality is all about too. And who better to speak about this journey through life than one with such experience as you. A lovely poem indeed.

Ps. Pi Malsawm, I'm back in Mumbai now, ready to brave the upcoming June floods. :-)

Philo said...

A Heraclitus in verse; profound indeed.

mesjay said...

Illusionaire, Life's journey isn't all sweet and pleasant, one does get a little tired sometimes, especially when one has trudged a long long way.

Welcome back to hot and happening Mumbai. Hope you had a good time at home. See you around some time.

Philo, just an observation, i don't know about it being profound.

samda said...

Flute Player has been at it for very long