Friday, June 20, 2014

Two Muses

The two are so un-alike it’s hard to believe they are sisters. They share the same father but their mothers are different.

Pi Fangi,[i] the elder one, is magical, whimsical and totally wild. She is thin and wrinkled with white flowing hair. She is full of fun and frolic. She laughs merrily, sings merry tunes and dances in the meadows. She gets quite crazy and scary at times, though. She runs a race with the wind, howling and hooting. Or drives down the river, swooshing and swashing and gurgling and galloping. Sometimes she screams like a banshee for no reason at all. Or she may sulk in silence like a sahuai ni do,[ii] no amount of poking and prodding will make her talk or respond to you in any way.

Pi Fingi[iii] is the younger one. She’s sober, sane and sensible. She’s tall and straight, with black hair neatly tied, never a strand out of place. She’s a lady in every sense of the term. Quiet, dignified, never speaks out of turn. Sobriety, Sagacity and Serenity are her catchword. Her feet are firmly planted on the ground and she never goes on a wild goose chase. She has a solution for every problem. She’s always right. She commands and demands immediate and full obedience. She doesn’t allow you to make noise or to sing loudly.

I’ve been keeping company with Pi Fingi. Pi Fangi scares me, so I’ve mostly avoided her. I’m quite fascinated with her, though. I’m a little afraid of Pi Fingi too, but with her, one always knows where one stands.

Sometimes, Pi Fangi looks at me, winks, and beckons with a glint in her eyes. But then Pi Fingi glares at me from the top of her specs, waxes a finger and says “Shalt Not. Not Safe.” I have to agree. If I follow the elder sister I may end up on a mountain peak or the bottom of a pit. Who knows?

But then, I’m now wondering. Maybe, just maybe….

[i] A good witch in a Mizo folktale
[ii] A small creature who refuses to look at the sun in a Mizo folktale
[iii] Madam Wisdom

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Anoush Alexnder said...

They are going to have tough time because of mother they have different mothers it is going not to be easy