Thursday, August 11, 2011

wild flowers

wild flowers on wayside
purple, white
invite a closer look.

but at 120 kmph
(the speed of older men)
one can’t.

must we move so fast?
i’d like to travel
with no thought
of destination.


Mizohican said...

i’d like to travel
with no thought
of destination.

Me too. Just once, I'd like to travel free, like a kite or helium balloon, going wherever the wind takes me, escaping from this maddening world.

Alejendro said...

Windflowers,my father told me not to go near them. He feared them always,said they carried him away. Windflowers,I couldn't wait to touch them,to smell them,I held them closely. Now I cannot break away...

He hla hi min ti hrechhuak daih :-)

H.Vangchhia said...
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H.Vangchhia said...

A tawi viau si a, a mawi phian lawi a!

mesjay said...

@Mizohican, yeah. Life is such an endless rush. It sure would be nice to do that sometimes.

@Alej, khati lam daih kha chu ka sawi tum a ni lo!

@Vangchhia, khati mai ang! :) Thanks.

Zaia said...

Tumahin 'a mawi mang e,' ti dawn lo pawh nise an lo par ve tho a. Fak leh lawm hlawh tum vang ni miah lova an lo vul ve ngawt mai hi an fakawm a ni.

Keini zawng, fak hlawh phutin kan par kan chhuang thin si!

Isaac said...

I'd like to travel on highway that leads to nowhere, but onto Mesjay's poetic treasures!

O Ladybird Johnson, you decorated vales and dales of US, Mesjay waters them.

Anonymous said...

..must we move so fast? I guess it is no longer a choice, the speed of life is accelerating towards its own destruction, and we can just flow with it.
I'd rather like to lie still
on sunny green fields
and a clear blue sky
with no thought
of inhibition.

mesjay said...

@Zaia, a dik khawp. Mawi takin an par chhuak a, entu an neih leh neih loh lam an ngaihtuah si lo.

@Isaac, a bow to your (rather undeserved) gracious tribute.

@blackestred, that's beautiful, would love that too.