Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello, Mumbai!

Mumbai, you did not mother me
nor were we neighbours ever.
Coming to live with you
wasn’t my choice either.
When i arrived you didn’t welcome
insignificant me
though the reception, i like to think
was not hostile.

You are a grand but not uppity lady
expansive in an impersonal way.
Some call you ‘soulless’
but that isn’t fair;
it’s just that you’re too busy,
too overworked to be

Though you aren’t my dream city
I like you fairly well,
we may not become best friends
but we’ll get along just fine.
So hello Mumbai, pleased to meet you,
hope you feel the same!


Mizohican said...

What a lovely poem and tribute! True true indeed for many people. But in my case, I must confess Mumbai is like my best friend now... :)

H.Vangchhia said...

I ziak thiam hle mai. Ka duh ai chuan a khua (Mumbai) hi a uap cherh churh mah2 a ni. Thla 3 chuang ka awm pawh khan ka in adjust theilo ani ber e.

mesjay said...

@Mizohican, thanks. Mumbai does deserve a tribute,right? I'm also friends with it now, but not yet best friends. Who knows what next?

@Vangchhia, i lo leng a a lawmawm. Nia, a khaw boruak a uap bakah lun lutuk mawlh hi! Mahse awm rei deuh chuan a nuam ve tho mai. Awmhlun ho phei chuan chhuahsan an hreh thei khawp.

Zaia said...

Welcome to the blogsphere hotunu.. I hlahril chhiar lova thla 4 hun hman chu a rei duh hle mai. Mumbai ka la chen ve loh avangin ka feel pui thiam chiah lo na che a, poem nalh leh tha tak chu a ni leh chiang e.

TS Khupchong said...

I va phuah thiamin a va nalh e..:-)

Alejendro said...

in the Mumbai all over Indiaaa.... hehehe

mesjay said...

@Zaia, i ti lawmawm e. Thatchhiatin min man alawm mawle!

@Khupchawng, ka lawm e.

@Alej, hope you're still in the city?

Alejendro said...

I sure am.. Where could I go... ?? :-P

Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Indeed a good tribute.
Great and wonderful stories are born or created in this lovely? city.
But alas at the same time its haven for the dreadful one too.
Of course, many places now in India is a haven for the deadliest ones. We do pray especially for the people at Mumbai.
Thanks for sharing your feelings about Mumbai
Hey pl do post more blogs in the other sites too. Update it with your daily writings at HT as well the Book Reviews etc. with due credit to HT
Also pl provide a follow button too
All the best. Thanks for dropping in and for the comment at my blog. Best regards,
Br. Phil