Friday, August 13, 2010


lost on these mountains,
night has caught me.

they say there’s help
on the mountains

so i cry out
cry out

“help elp ep ep eh....”
stone walls echo
breaking eerie silence.



Naupang^Fel said...

Here I come First,
To lave a comment,
As they used to,
On :)

Naupang^Fel said...

I mean leave,
Mistakes happened,
So here it is,
In my comment :)

mesjay said...

@Naupang Fel, thanks, you are realy fel for droping in :)

Calliopia said...

What inspired this one, mesjay?

mesjay said...

@Calliopia, lostness and darkness

reverie said...

That's more like it, dear Mesjay, instead of Canadian pics, not that they weren't good. I am a fan, big fan of yours, especially your Mizo Hlahril.

I got to exchange a few mails with your hubby re. my grandpa's translation of '100 Bible Lessons'. He's cool and this goes as a greeting to him too, if you agree. Blessings!

mesjay said...

@Reverie, great to hear from you. Hubby told me about you and your grandpa, i thought you were Sekibuhchhuak!

One day we tried to call him but no one picked the phone. I'm so excited about the book coming out in Mizo. Is it almost out?

reverie said...

Mesjay, the book was released last month and from what we heard the response had been wonderful. May I ask through your blog if a copy must be sent to your company? (I reckon it would have to be. I believe I better write to your hubby).

Seki's a little bro, now he's grown though, with his own family and all! Time flies, lol!

mesjay said...

@Reverie, great news! Will ask hubby in the evening, or you could send him mail.