Tuesday, July 13, 2010

fireworks plus

21st June night was the annual fireworks over Detroit river. It’s a joint show from three boats by Canada and US. We drove to the river side from Windsor, carrying a sleeping bag and loads of munches and drinks, and settled down on a spot.

A carnival atmosphere there, and for the first time after landing in Canada i get to see a big crowd of people.

After quite a wait, the sun began to set.

It was 9 o’clock by then. In about an hour, it became dark and the show started. It was grand. Here are some of the shots.

Then to US--New York and New Jersey. We went out on a ferry.

Ellis island.

Here’s us in the boat.

Heading towards the Statue of Liberty.

The same night we drove to Time Square, New York. This is how it looked after 11 in the night.

They say the city never sleeps.

Later an outing to Manhattan Central Park

by Metro.

And then to Jones Beach on Atlantic Ocean

Getting quite wet

Followed by a big Mexican dinner.

Life is fun at times, isn’t it?

I’m immensely thankful to God, people from churches, and family members, who gave us this wonderful vacation


Darshan Chande said...

Nice pics... Having great time eh? :D

Gauri Gharpure said...

lovely photos..

Calliopia said...

Looking good!

Anonymous said...

A van nalh chuaih chuaih ve le! MI ramah hi chuan nawm-chen turte hi atam bik ngawt mai.

FIREWORKS chuan Chinese New year min ti hrechhuak!

ku2 said...

Statue of Liberty chhipah khian ka lawn chak, plus the whole carnival atmosphere, i zinna chu a nawmhmel tawp

mesjay said...

@ Darshan, thanks, yes. But it's coming to an end.

@ Gauri, Calliopia, thanks.

@Seki, ni e, an che nuam thei ngawt. Fireworks hi an kum tin function pakhat ania.

@ Kuku, deuh kher a! Lolzz.

Kanidar said...

WOW!!! tawp mai a, mawi tawp.

ti hian i blog thru' in ram kan fang a ni ve mai a lawm :D

Nice post.

mesjay said...

@Kanidar, i lo leng a ka lawm. Ni e, kei pawh mi dang hmuh atangin ram ka fang thin.

Insightfulbystander said...

ur having way too much fun.. this much is not allowed :P..

mesjay said...

@Inghtfulbystander, jealous? lolz.