Saturday, March 28, 2009

the hills are calling

it’s spring
the hills are calling;
tender new leaves on trees
peach blossom
plum flowers
they are calling, calling.

it’s spring
the sky is blue
winter clouds have sailed away
the breeze soothes, not bite,
they are calling, calling.

it’s spring
sparrows are nesting
the cuckoo calls
from his green hiding place
wind music in pine woods
they are calling, calling.

it’s spring
my heart flies to the hills
on wind’s wing
it dances
to pine music
cuckoo’s song
for the hills are calling, calling.


Calliopia said...

Ah, the call of the hills. Come on home and breathe in the rainswept freshness of the air. Cool sunny days with neither winter's stinging cold nor summer's sapping heat. Home sweet home :)

feddabonn said...

i like the thought, and can deeply empathise. i even like some of the images. having said that, this seems too stale. lol, but i am almost offended by the triteness of it.

would love to see the same emotions in better verse.

feddabonn said...

[off topic]

know anyone would anyone care to put up a website/blog of mizo food or recipies? made my first soda bai today, and had to do it purely from hazy memories.

be nice to see how to make saum and bekang, even, from the raw materials.

wondering, wondering...

incognito said...

Aye, i can hear the calls through your beautiful song...marvelous! I miss the hills of home...

Calliopia said...

fed, if your neighbours smelled bekang or saum steaming gently from your kitchen, they might just report you to the police for air pollution! Jokes aside, I'm a lousy cook so that's not sth I'd dare to try. Btw what do other ppl use soda for ,I've always wondered

mesjay said...

Calliopia, trying, trying.

Fddabonn, i thought this was my most inspired poem of the century!

Icognito, it's hard not to miss the hills when you're away, isn't it?

feddabonn said...

@calliopia: the wifey uses soda for baking. apparently it is also called baking soda. in bangalore, caterers use soda in the rice. it apparently "whitens" the rice. it also bloats you up so you can't eat much. very handy!

@mesjay: it is not inspiration i am challenging, dear poet. it is the execution i disagree with.

mesjay said...

Feddabonn, why don't you diagnose and prescribe remedy?

feddabonn said...

diagnosis: the tea is too sweet.
prescription: make fresh tea. use same ingredients.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Hotunu thu ziah hi i thiam ngawt mai !

mesjay said...

Seki, i ti lawmawm e,thiam hi ka ngah vak lova!