Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Please wish me, people. But don’t ask my age—i’ve lost count of it. Never was good with figures any way. Doesn’t matter. I’m glad to be alive and—if not exactly kicking—still walking and talking. Let me take this chance to share some of my life’s motto, hope you don’t mind. Here we go:
1. Honour God, give Him your best.
2. Do good to others as you can. Try not to harm anyone.
3. Live simply and travel light. Cut out fussy frills.
4. Laugh at yourself.
These, in short, are my goal posts.

This year’s birthday is a little lonely, with the children grown and away. Just a cake with hubby, that’s it. O yeah, i’m expecting a bouquet from my colleagues tomorrow. I’ve usually avoided birthday bashes. But it used to be an occasion for family time.

Like once in Bangalore, when i got up in the morning, the hall had become alive with plants and flowers. The family was waiting to wish me. My two children, who normally had to be woken for breakfast, had got up early to decorate the house. They had secretly bought all those potted plants the day before, i’ve no clue how they did it and hid it. That was a glorious day!

Another time, this too in B’lore, the guys were out of station and only daughter and i were home. She asked what treat i wanted. I chose an excursion to a bookshop. So, late in the evening after work, we set out on her battered, rickety kinetic and bought books. Then she treated me to dinner at a posh restaurant. By the time we came out it was 11pm. Then we found the back tyre had a puncture. So we pushed it to the workshop quite a bit away. Traffic had thinned, and the road was quiet. We were thankful for the workshop that stayed open 24 hours. It was midnight by the time we started back for home. I wouldn’t like to repeat such an adventurous birthday, but it sure was a memorable one.

And then last year, they bought me the latest Harry Potter—wasn’t i glad!

Okay then, Happy Birthday to me!


aduhi said...

Happy Birthday!!! Many many happy returns of the day!!! I love birthdays, they are so special, the one day in the whole year you can claim as your own. Well, today is your day, so go on and do whatever you want, and most importantly, have fun.

mesjay said...

Aduhi, thanks a lot. Birthday is really special like you say, it's your own day and it comes only once in a year. The next one is sooo far away!

Calliopia said...

Awww I missed your birthday. Hope you had a good day anyway. And those are very inspiring mottos. I'd like to adopt them too. Btw it's funny but there are so many birthdays this month. Last week it was my niece's (11th), sister's (12th), cousin's (14th) and today I went and shopped for my best friend (17th) and my baby (22nd). Truly a busy month. Btw I knew you had 2 children but I always thought they were both boys.

mesjay said...

Calliopia, i did have a good day, thanks. the celebrations continued in office yesterday. and next friday we're going to again cut a cake at our regular party. that makes it a five day celebration! hey, who are you calling your baby?

Calliopia said...

Oh just a certain someone whose cradle I robbed :P

illusionaire said...

I live right next door and no invitation???? With me nearby, you still say ur b'day was lonely! :( This is so sad... and so bad of you... :(

Ka titau dawn... hmmmffff....

But still, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you dear Pi Mesjay!!! Glad to know it went off well. We'll catch up sometime during the weekend (or next) and you give me your "chaw ei-a sawm" treat then. lolz.

mesjay said...

Illusionaire, thanks for the wish. But how would i dare invite you when you're inseperably wedded and bedded to your work?< >
[People, do you know the secret, that Sandman sleeps in his office so he can work 24 hrs?]

Of course it's a great comfort to know you're a call away though the phone sometimes get un-attended & smss may be answered after a week!

Anyways, do drop in when you can, hope there'll be some chawthring for you to bar.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday yet again! if anyone deserves many happy returns, it's you! One of these days, will whip up one of my special double-chocolate cream of atholl brose cakes...once i find the recipe! May joy and sunshine follow you wherever you go.

mesjay said...

thanks, thanks, monazo. don't know about deserving it, though. wish you were with us, my colleages gave me a boquet and chose icecream for the celebration. said...

Hi Sis, Though a belated one Kindly accept my greetings. Wish you prosperous and blessed years ahead. Love and prayer. Br. Phil

mesjay said...

Ariel, thanks a lot. Good wishes are never too late.