Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good Friday thoughts

I’d been refusing to watch the movie 'The Passion of Christ.' Couldn’t bear to see even the bits of clippings on TV. I avoid such painful sights as much as possible. And to think it’s real—not just fiction! But the Gethsemane scene shown by someone at a seminar impressed me so much i bought a CD and watched, but had to stop half way.

No wonder even the traitor Judas regretted his betrayal so much that he committed suicide. If only he knew Jesus would still forgive and welcome him if he turned back to Him!
This poem is my interpretation of Judas’ character and motive, see if it makes sense to you.

He tried to use the Lord
as a means
to gain his end.

He followed Him about
with heart set on

He saw Him at work—
turn water to wine,
feed the hungry,
heal the sick,
raise the dead.

Wouldn't such a powerful leader
multiply gold
to make His followers

But that wasn't His plan.

So he stole
from the common fund.

Growing greedier by degrees,
he sold the Son of God
for thirty pieces of silver.


Calliopia said...

Yep, The Passion is tough to watch. I managed to sit through it just once. All that explicit violence and graphic detailing is very off-putting. Maybe it isn't so bad for men but for most women I'd think it's a definite no-no.
Hope you had a rich and blessed Holy Week :)

mesjay said...

Yes Calliopia, guess it's too realistic. Just imagine, women - including His mother, had to watch it all - not on the screen but in real. And not just for a three hour movied but many more...

Anonymous said...

It's a tad late to loose a stream of invective against Gibson's offerings but, gadzooks, i need to do it.

The Passion was one in a long line of totally detestable movies he's been inflicting on a defenseless Earth and i wish someone would cure him of his Hero fixation (think Braveheart, think the execrable Patriot and the truly stomach-churning Apocalypto. For more on the latter, you can't do better than read Rob Schmidt Gibson could have played Christ, he would've). It's a top-heavy, overwrought, anti-semitic,tub-thumping, pulpit-pounding 'christian' movie that ought to get its creator locked up for good. His infatutaion with seeing the human flesh mutilated and tortured does say something about the predominant state of his mind.
In the end, The Passion simply repulses; all it says is 'Christ suffered like nobody's business and Judas deserved what he got'.

I'd like to lodge a, no doubt ineffectual, protest against the screening of this and other Gibson movies on local channels. Please, folks, not during daylight hours. Your kiddies might be watching. Apocalypto and its ilk are *not* harmless entertainment. They aren't even dumb - apart from the mind-numbing goriness, they take up certain positions on certain issues and generally contribute to the cause of regression, not progress, however you define either word.

Other than that, i think it was a good Good Friday.

mesjay said...

monazo, you do do dislike Gibson, right? i'm no one to put in an opinion as all i've watched of his movies is the first half of Passion. so i'll just take your word for it as i've no intention of watching any more.