Tuesday, January 8, 2008



a patch of rain washed sky
palms waving in the wind
sunlight streaming

bumpitty bumpitty
three legged cart

abarram parrillakalla kandillagarra
attention please
duk chuk duk chuk duk chuk

billboards garment shops
suburban houses
crossing gate
dammed up traffic

green fields coconut palms
red roofed cottages
ducks in a pond

dadak dadak dadak dadak
undulating hills
green forests
rocky walls

tunnels long and dark


Calliopia said...
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Calliopia said...

What a lovely poem. It looks so simple on the surface but is actually so well-crafted. I can just feel and hear the train chugging along and all those sights flashing by as it trundles past. Beautiful combination of sound and sight. Wish I could poetry like this.

mesjay said...

Thanks, Calliopia. It takes a sensitive reader to feel the poet's pulse.

mesjay said...

Collapse, what happened?

feddabonn said...

neeeaaat. sorry, but thats about as articulate as i can get now-been reduced to grunts and growls. love the last line(s)-lovely close.

illusionaire said...

A journey indeed. I can picture myself right there, mesmerizing at all the sceneries passing by while engulfed in the stench of the dirty compartments of S1, S2, S3 etc :)

Ps. You profile along with your pic has been updated, pi Mesjay.

mesjay said...

Thanks, Illusionaire, thanks a lot!